About Me

I'm a coder, based in Massachusetts. I like WordPress and JavaScript. I also write about books that interest me.

A CSS only honeycomb grid

When I started working for Fresenius Medical, a coding challenge we often gave to interview candidates was to code a hexagonal grid. They only had to pseudo-code it, on a whiteboard. This was an interesting challenge because there are so many ways to approach it. The only classy solution I’ve seen is on the D3 frontpage. This is a pure javascript solution. But there are various CSS solutions to the problem also.…

A weather plugin for sailors and boaters

I made a nice little weather plugin for WordPress. It was a trade-in-kind project I did for the Salem Willows Yacht Club, and you can see it on their site (and on this post). It displays wind velocity and direction in addition to the general weather condition.

The plugin gets data from the awesome OpenWeather API. Because it caches the requests for data, it can’t call for updates more frequently than every five minutes.…

Adding the Netlify CMS to a Static Site

I updated one of the first static sites I created: ErikaMumford.net. This site is pretty simple: it has my mom’s poetry on it. I added content management. I made it a few years back, using Jekyll, which is a static site generator (SSG). The content is just pages that consist of markdown files. Like all SSGs, Jekyll “generates” the site at build time. On the server, only static HTML files are served.…

Personal project: Bird Hotspot


This was a pleasing app to develop. I wanted to make a mapping application that showed what birds are being observed in what locations. Ebird helpfully has that data. However, Ebird’s own site does not make it easy to find the information I want. So, I made this app…

State of Wonder

This is the book that set my wife and myself on a 8 month Ann Patchett spree. We started reading it aloud in the evenings, and it kept us on the edge of the couch, listening intently, until it was finished.

Looking for freedom along the railway lines

Freedom, by Sebastian Junger

I bought this on a whim, thinking I wanted to catch up with Sebastian Junger. I have not read War, or Tribe. Maybe I should—it might give me some context on where he’s coming from.

Freedom does not disappoint, although I did find it frustrating. The writing is utterly fascinating. Short anecdotes from colonial history, railroad engineering, anthropology, etc, all seem to add up to a meditative discourse—between Junger and himself—on the nature of freedom.…

All the Light We Cannot See

Another European war novel, by Anthony Doerr

It has fascinating plot certainly. I need to be careful not to give any spoilers. Let’s just say it is set in World War II, and half the book is set in Germany and half in France. It’s a coming-of-age tale for a girl in France and a boy in Germany, both of whom have lives utterly transformed by the horror of war.…

WordPress vs the JAM stack?

I love the JAM stack. I love working with Jekyll (for static HTML sites), JavaScript, and APIs. But I also like WordPress a little more than this guy..

Scaffolding an Angular + Bootstrap App

Fountainjs is a good way to scaffold your app if you want it built with Gulp, Sass and Webpack. This post is about adding Bootstrap the the mix—and how to fix everything that Bootstrap breaks.