Temple Parlor

Yoga instructor and cat breeder Kitty Wittkower

I was pleased with this design when I first coded it.  The background changes when you re-load the page, and I like the temple archway.  Some day I want to build a site like this with foliage in the place of the archway.  This version is a re-code in WordPress. Originally I wanted the archway to overlap the text and image boxes. To my eye, the web is just a vast sea of small boxes, all in their place.  I always want a little mess, something crooked, things overlaping (i.e. the pile of books and crooked text on this site).

The client, yoga instructor Kitty Wittkower, is also a breeder of persian kittens. I showed her how a blogging system would be ideal for updating here site. Each kitten can have his/her own post, with photos. Each post can have categories and tags. This taxonomy is very useful for organizing lots of content. Each kitten can be connected on the website to all other kittens and older generation cats that are related to it.  A category listing is the perfect way to list all kittens that are for sale, or all matriarch cats (queens).

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