website testing

To build websites you need an assortment of testing platforms.. a smartphone, a tablet, and preferably more than one size computer monitor. I’m a mac person, so most of my testing is on apple gear. I use a PC set up in Parallels, a virtual machine, on my mac for testing on PC browsers.

I have:

  1. a 1680 x 1050 display on my primary working machine
  2. Windows 7 running on Parallels, on the primary machine
  3. a 1366 x 768 laptop
  4. an iPad — version 3
  5. an iPhone 3

On my computers I have a selection of browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari on the mac, and IE, Firefox and Chrome on the PC.  IE is version 8.    Of course it would be better to have multiple versions of IE, but I also need to keep things reasonable. Most of my conditional scripts that fix IE issues target IE 8 or earlier, or they simply apply to all IE browsers.

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