Multiple cursor shortcuts

My cheat sheet for shortcuts for Atom + Sublime’s multiple cursors

Using text editors these days is so nice! I’m a big fan of Atom. The best part of course is the multiple cursor feature, which Atom shamelessly copied from Sublime Text. My only trouble is not remembering the keyboard shortcuts.

So, I made this little cheat sheet. I printed it, and kept it near my monitor at work. Problem solved—almost. I had to keep that silly piece of paper around. Who can remember Control-Command-G?

Now I have a new solution. I opened Atom’s snippets.cson file, and added this snippet:

  'Multiple Cursor Shortcuts':
    'prefix': 'Cursors'
    'body': '/*\n ADD A LINE\n  Ctrl-Shift-Up\n  Ctrl-shift-Down\n SPLIT SELECTION\n  Command-Shift-L\n ADD NEXT: Command-D\n UNDO: Command-U\n ADD ALL:  Ctrl-Command-G\n*/'

Now I just enter ‘Cursors’ + tab, and I get a handy comment with my favorite shortcuts. Even better, it inspired me to make some more snippets.

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