Building with WordPress

I’m Peter Mumford and Topheavy Piles of Books is my web design company. I build sites quickly, using the open source WordPress platform. WordPress was originally designed as a blogging application to be installed on a web server. It has evolved into a full featured Content Management System (CMS). It is a platform that enables a site owner to write their own new web pages, edit the existing ones, and use drag and drop to structure a navigation system. It will output clean, optimized code for pages easily indexed by search engines. It publishes each page with a short, intelligible and book-markable URL.

From the web designer’s perspective, WordPress makes site design and implementation smooth and trouble free.  Most design specs are written into a single stylesheet, making changes quick and fast. The WordPress theme and template system makes it relatively simple to create any look and feel.  I have re-coded vintage sites, originally built in Flash, or with old school table based HTML.  This is actually a quick and easy process.  The new site will be far easier to maintain, use less bandwidth, and have better search engine optimization (SEO).

WordPress is also highly extensible.  Plug-in modules can be added to create calendars, shopping carts, forms, image galleries, etc. WordPress is very useful for managing and presenting media such as images or movies, and gives the user control over presentation and organization.

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