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Heminway & Hamlen

The Llewellyn folks asked me if I could do a site in one day. I was a little skeptical but I said I could do a quickie with a child theme. That’s how I built a site for the Portland, Maine law firm Heminway & Hamlen. Actually I spent two days on it.…

Look Better, Feel Better

This is another website I coded for Llewellyn Creative, in the fall of 2014. Its is the site for plastic surgeon Rita Sadowski’s own clinic. There is some stylish javascript scrolling on the procedures pages. See the body page and hit the items on the left nav. Each procedure is a WordPress post, which makes this thing very simple to maintain.…

This was a really nice project for me: a cool non-profit group, that wanted an upgrade of its old website to WordPress. Trekkers is an org that takes high school kids on bus tours around the USA.
We created a site that had good balance between easy-admin, and rich news content. It has the potential for good community interaction, with lots of leaders and (hopefully) students posting content.…

John Howe's WYRIWYG

John Howe, Content Writer

I re-designed John Howe’s personal site for him.  He was planning a move to Florida when he contacted me, wanting a re-design of his old static website, and conversion to WordPress. He also wanted a ‘Florida’ look and feel, so this is what we came up with. It uses the border-image property to give smooth shaded and rounded borders, and it loads a handwritten font.

We discussed his domain—,…

Equity Trust's website

Equity Trust: a theme for a non-profit organization

This theme for a non-profit organization website was a long time coming to life.  The org is Equity Trust, based in Amherst, MA. I built the theme, and the owner Jim Oldham wrote the content, and then I added lots of improvements to the information architecture.  Jim is the executive director of an ambitious New England non-profit organization that advocates sustainable land ownership.  He spent almost a year writing the pages and organizing the architecture before it was all pushed live. …

The Wrestling Hub

The Wrestling Hub

Here is a quick site I built for a blogger.  It is nicely responsive, and loads Copperplate on its headings.

It uses the very reliable Mobile Client Detection plugin code responsive architecture with your PHP. It lets you use the following very useful conditionals:

is_desktop() is_mobile() is_tablet() is_chrome() is_explorer()

I used Login with Ajax to make a login that does not take you away from the home page when you login.…