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A weather plugin for sailors and boaters

I made a nice little weather plugin for WordPress. It was a trade-in-kind project I did for the Salem Willows Yacht Club, and you can see it on their site (and on this post). It displays wind velocity and direction in addition to the general weather condition.

The plugin gets data from the awesome OpenWeather API. Because it caches the requests for data, it can’t call for updates more frequently than every five minutes.…

Pagination with UI-Router and WP-API

The key to this is knowing what Angular's ui-router can do. This post by Aviv Ben-Yosef was very helpful: Simple pagination and URL params with ui-router.

oikos get attachment link filter

oikos get attachment link filter This fixes a flaw in the WP gallery shortcode. The problem is that when you make a gallery, and you set link to "file", it links to the original. That might be a 10M jpeg. This function links to the large instead of the original. On every site with galleries, I install lightbox and this nice little filter.

A smart PayPal form

I created this smart PayPal form for See It lets the user switch back and forth between recurring and one-time donations. I couldn’t find a free plugin that can do this. If this is installed on a WordPress or other CMS site, it is better set up as a plugin. A site owner does not need to lose all functionality just because he/she switches themes.…

Some social media non-plugins

I like these: WordPress snippets to interact with social networks Update, 4 years later. Obviously, these snippets are way out of date. In any case, if you want to add social media buttons to your site you are probably better off with a plugin, that hopefully will stay updated and not snoop on you.. I can’t recommend one. Frankly, I think social media buttons are overrated.…