Tag: Americana

Cat Man

by Edward Hoagland

A novel from my teenage years. Cat Man is a novel of running off to join the circus. The protagonist finds work caring for the cats: lions and tigers. He becomes more obsessed with the great cats with each chapter. But it is not the protagonist’s disastrous fixation that makes the book, it is the sumptuous detail in the operation of a mid 20th century circus.…

Age of Steam

By Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg

A books of lovely vintage black and white photography of steam locomotives, shot from early to mid twentieth Century. And some vintage illustration and engravings.

Find a vintage copy, if you can, of this ode to steam locomotives. The rotogravure printing is worth it.…

The Forgotten Man

By Amity Shlaes

Revisionist history of the Great Depression, and timely considering the multivariate crises America is facing these days. Both political and polemic, it gives a jarring view of the Roosevelt administration. The parallels to Obama are all too clear.…