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The Americans

by Robert Frank

Is there anything more to say about this amazing monograph? How could Robert Frank get it so right, go so deep, with such seemingly small means? How could these few photos create such a powerful force of art? When I was in high school this book had an intense effect on me.

Generations of photographers have made their own personal trek across the USA, but none that I’ve seen have surpassed this great work.…


by Henry Miller

I was traveling in Australia or maybe Hong Kong when I picked up Plexus in a youth hostel, and I was thrilled. Its one of the greatest beatnik novels ever.  If you read about fifty pages in, and get to the scene in the Italian restaurant, you’ll get the picture, and know if you want to finish this very long crazy ride.

I didn’t know at the time that Miller was most well known for his frank and off handed telling of his sexual conquests.…