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The Mammoth Book of Chess

by Graham Burgess

This is a little of everything in terms of chess, but my favorite thing about it is Graham Burgess’ enthusiastic conversational style. I like the simplistic way he covers openings, and his annotation on the attack and defense chapter.…

Reassess your chess

by Jeremy Silman

This is a very interesting chess book for me, and it is my primary middlegame guide. I still read it frequently when I want to study chess.…

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations

by Fred Reinfeld

This is a classic chess book. If you don’t really care for chess books but you want to improve your chess this is the place to start. The book is almost all pictures. That’s the point. Learning good chess is basically a matter of recognizing tactical patterns. So study chess problems first, then read chess theory if you decide you like chess books after all.…