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The Wreck of the Mary Deare

The Wreck of the Mary Deare

This is the most well known of Hammond Innes' 30 odd adventure novels. It was published in 1956, and worth a good price for the cover art alone.

Master and Commander

by Patrick O’Brien

For any reader who has a soft spot for 18th Century historical fiction, the Aubrey-Maturin series, by Patrick O’Brien, are essential. These are written with vivid detail combined with a curiously modern sense of plot: the plots seem to meander in a realistically random way.…

Sons Of Sinbad

by Alan Villiers

This book was introduced to my childhood home by my uncle Jerry (who lived in the Sausalito hippy houseboat community) and it was read by my parents and myself and my siblings at various times. We all used to quote its slogan “Allah’s winds are free, therefore his faithful use them”. It is a really beautiful book on so many levels: the exquisite photography by the author, the ethnographic details of beduin society, and most of all the accounts of the working of an wooden arab sailing cargo vessel, a dhow.…

Ocean Crossing Wayfarer

by Frank Dye

If you like sailing tales this is a good one. Frank Dye recounts two of his most harrowing voyages: one from Scotland to Iceland, the other from Scotland to Norway. Both were sailed in his 16 foot wooden open boat in the 1970s, and were beset by storms.…

American Small Sailing Craft

by Howard Chappelle

I am endlessly fascinated by sailboat design. How to drive a boat upwind with sticks and canvas? What makes a boat fast? And, being a 19th Century guy, I like wooden sailboats, not the shiny hi-tech plastic things that race about these days.
Boat design is something America can be uniquely proud of. As the global melting pot all during the 18th and 19th centuries, fishermen, boat builders from the entire world contributed to the variety and excellence of American small sailing craft.…

The Ship

by Bjorn Landstrom

This is such an amazing book: a tour de force, the result of thoughtful research and great art. This is an illustrated history of shipbuilding spanning most of the global history.