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Better WordPress Security by Bit51

For almost two years I’ve been relying on the G5 firewall from Perishable Press, but I’ve come to believe an .htaccess blacklist is simply not enough. Part of the problem is security flaws inherent in the default WordPress installation, such as:

An admin user named ‘Admin’ table prefix is wp_ revealing header information users can choose a non-secure password

Better WordPress Security can change the username Admin to something else.…

WordPress Security

I’ve been going through all my websites and installing Jeff Starr’s: 5G Blacklist. It is pasted into the .htaccess file at the server root. The blacklist is a list of known malicious entities that are constantly attempting to break into websites.  It is formatted in some very clever GREP code that attempts to filter out all malicious server requests, and allow all legitimate ones through.  That’s not a simple task.  …