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The Wrestling Hub

The Wrestling Hub


Here is a quick site I built for a blogger.  It is nicely responsive, and loads Copperplate on its headings.

It uses the very reliable Mobile Client Detection plugin code responsive architecture with your PHP. It lets you use the following very useful conditionals:

is_desktop() is_mobile() is_tablet() is_chrome() is_explorer()

I used Login with Ajax to make a login that does not take you away from the home page when you login.…


See it at fashioncow.com. This is a big multi-looped magazine theme. It is all custom WordPress, with a lot of plugins. The owner of the site, prolific fashion blogger Tanya Wilson, wanted a site that would compete with high end fashion sites like Fabsugar.com, and Elle.com.

The multiple loops were satisfying to code. No post appears twice on the page, and the blogger has a lot of control over what posts appear where.  …