Web Typography

Years back, when computer screens tended to be small and low resolution, and font rendering was crude, or worse, aliased, the only way to get nice text on a website was:

  1. Use one of a very small list of fonts. Arial, Georgia, Times Roman, and Courier made up 90% of the web.
  2. Make an image of your text.

I hate images of text. It seems wrong.  It is a clunky work-around of the worst kind, and quickly becomes out of date on most sites. I like selectable, searchable, editable text everywhere. I like live text in menus, and even logos wherever possible.

Many people strongly prefer sans-serif type for almost everything. It used to be that computer screens lacked the resolution to render serifs well, and many engineers developed a preference for sans serif type for that reason. I know a german industrial designer who dislikes serif type in any context. This is a purely esthetic choice.

Computer screens can render serifs very well now so there is far less of a technical justification for any type style. Virtually any font (subject to licensing restrictions) can be used on any webpage in live type.

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